Making research efficient by enabling communication between scientists

“In the first year of my PhD, I happened to be looking for two restriction enzymes, which are proteins that cut DNA. We had more than 100 of them at the lab but not the ones I needed. I visited the lab next door. And the lab opposite to my own. And the one at the floor above. And another lab, one floor down. I had lost 2 hours going from lab to lab looking for reagents.  I realized that labs are willing to share reagents, but there was no efficient way for them to communicate with one another. MecerLab does exactly that; it enables communication between labs making sharing of reagents fast and easy.” – Anastasia

Our Team

Team Member Photo

Anastasia Zavitsanou

Co-Founder, Scientist

Alex Voinas

Co-Founder, Designer

Marios Katsakioris

Co-Founder, Developer

Dawood Khan

iOS Developer