Connecting Scientists
Speeding up Research

MecerLab is a mobile platform that facilitates the communication between biology labs, enabling scientists to share resources and expertise.

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Gain quick access to nearby labs saving time, energy and money.

Need cells that cost $400 to buy?
One of the labs nearby has them but you don’t know which. MecerLab allows you to request them from labs within your institution or nearby ones simultaneously.
Sounds much better than having to send a bunch of emails or going from lab to lab asking for them. Less time. Less energy. And $400 to spend on your next experiment.

Communicate fast and efficiently.

Instead of having to write an email with a long description of your request MecerLab categorizes your needs and gives your requests clear characteristics.
Now you only need to quickly fill some boxes and click “Send”. You can even do it while pipetting with your other hand.

Save your experiment with urgency features.

In the middle of your big experiment, you run out of a reagent. MecerLab lets you send your request as urgent giving it priority over all other requests.
The reagent is quickly found and your experiment is saved. Only thing left is to analyze your data.

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